How I passed my CMRP exam

To start with, it all began when I was looking for options for professional development and growth in my career. I had previously completed certification for Project Management (PMP) and Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE by ASQ).

My Journey

I visited the SMRP website and reviewed all the requirements for the CMRP exam. Once I determined that I was qualified to apply as a member of the group, I did it right away.

Then the planning and registration for the CMRP exam began. I combed the internet for CMRP exam preparation materials and exam questions and found nothing concrete to boost my confidence to challenge the exam. So I waited for about 6 months without any progress. I kept visiting the SMRP website for more information and seeking more practice questions without success.

I was listening to Ricky Smith’s presentation on the subject Maintenance Best Practices when he recommended to write the CMRP test and have a feel for it. I figured that it was a light bulb moment for me. I mastered the courage to register for the CMRP exam  a day or two following the video.

With my educational background and 12 years work experience boosting my preparation, I was able to review previous notes from maintenance and reliability seminars, recommended books and also my notes from CRE exams. This helped to quickly prep and write the exams the following week.

I wrote my CMRP exam online at a centre in Calgary (Canada). The results of the CMRP official exam was provided within five minutes of completion. I have heard that people in certain locations have to wait for a few months before seeing their results. I empathize with them for having to wait that long.

Fortunately, I passed my CMRP exam at the first attempt. I was so excited about my results, however, I figured there was so much doubt and lack of confidence prior the exams. I attributed my fears or lack of confidence to the broadness the Book of Knowledge (BoK) by SMRP.

There are many recommended books to read for the CMRP exam, which are good resources when it comes to real life application but passing the exam is an art.

You can have all the years of maintenance and reliability experience but without learning the skill of “How to write and pass a multiple choice exam”, you will be fighting a lost battle.

For this reason, I have developed a playground for maintenance and reliability professionals to practice and sharpen their skills for passing the CMRP exam.

In this CMRP exam prep. resource, you are given CMRP exam practice questions, answers and explanation to build you knowledge in the 5 pillars of maintenance and reliability.  You are also given the ability to test your readiness before taking real official CMRP exam. This CMRP Exam Prep. Course will provide you with a MOCK EXAM. Yes, you are given 110 questions with 2.5 hours to complete it similar to the real official exam. Sign up now for free and give it a try.

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